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Impact of Nigeria youth on Nigeria independence

Nigeria youth play a vital role for Nigeria to become an independent country. They started with a movement which is called N.Y.M (Nigeria youth movement) which was formed in 1935 and featured characters like Ernest Okoli, Samuel Akinsanya, and Dr. C. Vaughan.

The movement competed with NNDP for the control of political activities of Lagos. Nnamdi Azikwe, H. O. Davies, Obafemi Awolowo and Samuel Akintola later joined the movement .

There main goal for this movement are:

  • To work towards the unity of Nigeria.
  • To work towards the attainment of self-rule.
  • To unite all ethnic groups in Nigeria for the fight against colonial rule

The first person that led the motion for Nigeria independence is (pa anthony Ehanahoro), who was 30 years of Age when he moved the motion at the parliament . Supported by Samuel Ladoke Akintola who raised the motion follow by Remi Dani kayode. These are the people who wage war against the colonial masters.

During 1938 general election Nigeria Youth Movement (N.Y.M) won 3 seat out of 4 elected seats in the Legislative Council, defeating the Nigerian National Democratic Party (NNDP), which had won every election since 1923.

We shouldn’t be surprised when Nigeria youth wake up again with the aim of changing bad governance and putting end to police brutality which bring back the forgotten party YDP (youth democratic party ).

I think Nigeria youth has woken up to bring in good governance.

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