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Lessons from my Poultry.

My mother would normally charge us to sleep like chickens. I have always wondered what was so special about the chicken’s sleep that was worthy of emulation.

Until recently when I had to feed my chickens little bit late at night. I had observed that they were all asleep and my intention was to gently open the cage, get the food into their troughs and bid them goodnight.
I didn’t think it was a difficult task to carry out until I moved closer to their cage and before I could open the door, some were already all active and alert.
With great understanding, my mother’s words returned to me and I began to reflect on her words.

Mother was trying to tell me not to never allow my senses to sleep.
She was trying to tell me that opportunity would only come when I’m alert and active to what’s happening around me.
To sleep is very good, infact it’s benefit to the body cannot be overemphasized.

I have observed that my chickens would sleep at every given chance but would never miss a movement at their cage. Sleep as much as you want to but always allow your senses and mind to be at alert to spot opportunity in any way at all it may come.
Sleep like a chicken.

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