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Love is beautiful and one of the most profound Emotion known to human being. There are many kind of love but so many people seek Expressions in a romantic kind of Love, and relationship with a compatible partner (partner’s)

But what happened?

When partner’s who seems perfect and compatible from the onset of the relationship becomes incompatible? 

This bring us to the core of this topic. Break up at some point in a relationship can be inevitable. Even perfect and compatible partner’s, could have a failed relationship, for so many reason’s, failure of a relationship on individual often result to great pain and psychological effects and are like wounds that takes time to heal.

Getting over break up might seems so hard, because its suddenly shakes our future, but moving on is very necessary because getting stuck at stage blocks our future opportunities. The End of a relationship is not, the end of life. No matter who initiates the break up. Its means something was not working…and you just have to let go.

Let go of the pains, anger and be grateful its over
According to a relationship Expert ‘Ammanda Major’ 

There are four step that’s will help you to get over break up

I. Take time to grieve your loss
2.Reconnect with Your self
3.don’t be afraid to seek for help

  • Time does heal all
  • Above all Love your self remember Happiness is a choice choose to be Happy against all odd