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Monday Breakfast

Day of the week: Monday

A popular belief that has eaten into the very fiber of our existence is the acceptance of the views of the majority as being right and thus should be emulated but have you ever wondered whether this so called majority could be wrong and if they are, will your feet still balance you on the ground?

It has never been, it is not and it will never be an easy task to stand alone. Let’s take sex for example (in relation to males), our generation has this view and this has largely been propagated by social media to be norm, that a guy who hasn’t had sex (outside of marriage) is no guy at all. It’s more or less a tool to prove beyond reasonable doubt that you’re strong and capable but, that’s the majority opinion. With the minority, now you standing alone, sex (outside of marriage) is the worst sin against your morality.

Standing alone? It’s never easy just in case you wanted to ask, it takes resolve and an unending desire to be different, not join the bandwagon, not follow the crowd and do wrong. It takes guts, courage and zeal to maintain a stand when other person is on the move.

My question to you this week is: when everyone and everything is going in the wrong direction, will you be the last man, woman, boy, or girl standing?

So many times we let ourselves down and claim nothing is achievable with out first trying out anything.

So many opportunities pass by us everyday and we just fold our arms wishing and wishing for greener pastures. Someone once said that the only people who can change the world as those who actually do, no matter how much you talk or how often the scene plays out in your head, nothing will happen till you take that first step.

Like they always say, Rome wasn’t built in a day, likewise, nothing worthwhile is achieved immediately. The result may come suddenly and quickly but the days, weeks, months, and even years of sacrifice didn’t happen suddenly. There was a first step, a first sacrifice that led to more yearning and hunger that eventually birthed a result.

If you sit back waiting for manna from heaven or someone to take that much needed action for you, then you might as well resolve to wait till you die. The world belongs to those who take it and not those who wish for it.

Just an idea

Necessity is the mother of inventions; this phrase has lingered on the world for too long and has now become a cliché but unlike most, it is by far one of the most potent. In my own words, this phrase will read “urgency births ideas.”

As little as the word “idea” is, I think after love, it is the most powerful force in the world. But it is oftentimes the least applied. Whether rich or poor, established or still waiting to blow, the one thing you need to take you from here (the present) to there (the future) is just one good idea. One idea at every checkpoint life presents is the only license you’ll be required to show.

So many young people have lost the drive and ability to develop fresh ideas in moments of panic and when they do, money is claimed and believed to be a major stumbling block.

They drown themselves in the pool of nothing-is-working without making anything work.

You don’t have to wait for the conditions to be perfect or the money enough before setting out, let your ideas push you out. That idea (s) is what will make the conditions perfect (partly, there’s no perfection in life).

Get thinking and get those billion dollars ideas rolling out.

Made by Association

Every human is created to co-exist with other humans, hence the phrase, “No man is an island.” In as much as we are to associate and communicate with those around us, it is necessary we do so consciously and cautiously.

It is a proven fact that the people we hangout with the most have the biggest and most profound influence on us, with or without our consent. Therefore it is necessary to associate with the right people.

Your success and the extent of it has a lot to do with your company, an anonymous quote I’ve heard a few times says, “If you hangout with five millionaires long enough, you inevitably become the sixth millionaire but if you hangout with five paupers (of mind and finance) you will become the sixth one. As someone who has a mind fixed on success, as much as possible try to be in midst of folks with similar mindset, drive, hunger and passion. Their energy will rub off on you and present you better chances at succeeding.

Pick your association wisely.

The most powerful thing in the world is thought, it is the origin of every creation and invention. It is the beginning of every word spoken and every action taken.

Even the Bible says it “out of the heart proceeds the issues of life.”

How is your thought life like? What is the most common thing that takes up space in your mind? When you face a problem, what is the first thing you think about? Are you a positivity thinker or a negativity thinker?

The bridge that will get you from where you are right now to where you want to be in the next five to ten years can only be constructed by the kind of thinking pattern you indulge in. Think negative and all your efforts will be a complete waste of time but think positive and even a few bad choices may yeild positive results.

It was Alice Walker who said “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”

To change your life and see a better reality, you must first change your thoughts and perceptions about things.

Now get rid of those negative thoughts and open up to refreshing and uplifting positivity thinking.

See you next week with some new and exciting ideas birthed from positive thoughts.

Its not always the devil

It has become a default human nature to always push blames and specifically to the devil. It didn’t begin today though, it began right from the garden of Eden where Adam pushed blame to Eve and Eve in return pushed to the serpent.

Why is it that we entertain negative thoughts or take really bad actions against someone and end up blaming the devil or a circumstance/person? As humans we have the power of free will which in essence, we can do whatever we want whenever we want to regardless of the after effect; whether good or bad.

Until you learn to take responsibilities especially for your bad choices you will continue to play the blame game forever and always look for an excuse for those choices.

You may want to disagree on the basis of the devil being the mastermind behind everything evil , but it is purely your responsibility to either accept or reject it

Learn to take responsibilities for your actions, that’s one of many ways to grow.

Last week I spoke on staying consistent till you cross the last hurdle and eventually reaching the finish line. But after that, what happens. Failure and success has the same effect as to how a person responses to challenges. Failure makes you discouraged and success makes you over confident which most times translate to laxity.

Your response to success has a great deal of connection to it’s continuity. Do you let it get in too deep that you see yourself doing less? When achieving a goal overshadows your will to get on another goal then there’s a problem and that problem won’t go away till you wake up from your day dream.

One success should be a stepping stone to another and another and another. Don’t sit back counting past glories, don’t sit back reminiscing on the good old days rather let the good old days spur you to create “gooder” new days.

When you win, what do you do?
Do you keep going or do you keep still?

Before the finish line By Edet Samuel Isiting

The hurdles in life are very many and difficult to jump over but as many as they are, there’s that one that comes just before the finish line – a last one. From a distance it looks unreachable but that’s only a perspective.

For some the last hurdle seems the easier and for others it’s definitely the hardest hence the most logical thing to do at that material moment is not to jump over it, they feel a sudden need to catch their breath and take a minute or two to relax.

They get the perspective of an insurmountable hurdle all decked up to crush them if they dare jump. They refuse to look beyond that blue ribbon where cheers and applauds patiently wait for their arrival.

The worst kind of failure is failing just before success comes, there’s always regret and self condemnation.

Hold on just a little and jump over that last hurdle. Change your perspective and see the finish line instead of the hurdle just before it

A Cliché For Champions

A cliché is a word, phrase/idea that has been used so often that it no longer has much meaning or sound interesting.

“A problem shared is a problem half solved”,

is an example of a cliché.

Just like almost everyone has a cliché to fall back on when things get messy, a champion should have one as well. My prescription is, NEVER GIVE UP. Everyone who has made an impact in the world has been to the give-up street and wished more than anything to throw in the towel and not walk but sprint away. They had their options but on that street, they added an extra word just behind it, NEVER.

Popular WWE superstar, John Cena, is best known with this cliché, he wears it for every fight. It would do the world a massive good if everyone of us embraces and runs with this cliché.

Note: every loser gave up but those that pushed till the end against all odds never gave up.


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