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5G VS Christianity

When money can not buy what you want then you need GOD; Its not word of mouth neither is it fables that Jesus is coming very soon, sooner than we may think.

God wants everyone to come under his dwelling but no one goes to the Father without going through the Son. This is not a condemnation verse but a chance to move closer to God.

The single world order is about to surface on the earth as its has been prophised; we don’t need to panic rather we should desire to move closer to God.

5th generation of technology has been slammed on our face disguised with a technology called 5G. I believe 5G is not for tele-communication only but to control everything on the earth not excluding human, this will pave way for the insertion of chip into the human body in all the aim to put your data on the chip, meanwhile the chip will be used to access and control everything you do, this will bring to pass the prophesy of human chipping and all the world will be governed under one world order.

Let’s us not waste the opportunity to choose the right way, the only way which is Christ Jesus.